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Engagement Summaries

Engagement Summaries

CFO for Startup of a Greenfield Metal Manufacturing Company
Successful Receivership for Marketing Company
Provided Executive Compensation Review to Plastics Company
Advisor to Secured Creditor of Propane Distribution Business
Inglewood hired to advise secured credit to propane distribution business.
Inglewood Appointed Receiver for 108 Unit Apartment Complex
Inglewood Appointed Receiver for 118 Unit Apartment Complex
Inglewood Appointed Receiver for 274 Unit Apartment Complex
Inglewood Appointed Receiver for Retail Real Estate
Inglewood Appointed Receiver for 10 Unit Industrial Condominium Development
Inglewood Appointed Receiver for 16 Unit Condominium Development
Operational Improvement of Provider of Contract Transportation Services
Inglewood Provides Transformational Guidance to Custom Roll Former
Financial Advisor to a Structural Steel Contractor
Expert Witness Report Prepared In Case of Commercial Developer Against Lender
Inglewood engaged to provide workout banking assistance to a Northeast Ohio savings & loan
Principals in Acquisition Who Restructured an Overleveraged Manufacturer of Components
Financial Advisor for Fairmount Properties
Receiver to Print Media Company Which Underwent an Orderly Liquidation
Financial Advisor for Furniture Retailer Which Grew Too Quickly and Had to Wind Down the Operation
Receiver for Automotive Buy Here, Pay Here Dealership Chain Involving Fraud
Residential Real Estate Receivership Which Was Resolved Very Quickly
Valuation of a High Tech Company
Receiver for Dry Cleaning Chain Involving Sale and Liquidation of 40 Locations
Financial Advisor to Real Estate Developer
Financial Advisor for Vinyl Window Manufacturer Resulting in Change of Management
Financial Advisor for Car Dealership with Product Sold Out of Trust
Board of Advisors for Business Forms and Products Distributor
Sell Side Advisory for a Metal Fittings Company
Financial Advisor to Unsecured Creditors Committee for a Motor and Generator Manufacturer in Bankruptcy
Real Estate Receiver in Federal Court Replacing Prior Receiver and Using Narrowed Project Scope
Financial Advisor to Plastic Injection Molder Which Resulted in Further Equity Support After a Change in Management
Buy Side Due Diligence for Distributor of Health Care Replacement Supplies
Damages Expert Testimony in a Real Estate Services Company
Valuation of a Billboard Company for Litigation Support
Home Improvement Product Manufacturer and Installer as Part of Legal Dispute
Receiver for Truck Repair Company Which Was Improved and Ultimately Sold
Financial Advisor for Chapter 7 Trustee for Failed 130 Store Retailer
Banking Expert Witness Involving Lender Liability
Feasibility Analysis for a Professional Services Firm
Financial Reporting Assistance for Parking Lot Companies
Banking Expert Witness Involving Bank Liability
Banking Expert Witness Involving Bank Liability and Fraud
Receiver for Machine Shop in Liquidation
Financial Advisor to Secured Creditor in Chapter 11 Real Estate Development Project
Viability Assessment of Wholesaler/Distributor and Its Real Estate
Financial Advisor to Unsecured Creditors Committee for Steel Company
Financial Advisor to a Structural Ceramic Tile Manufacturer
Financial Advisor to a Behavioral Health Facility Under Chapter 11 Protection
Operational, Financial, Market and Real Estate Assessment of Retailer that Had Been in Business Over 100 Years


Updated: 2/4/2003
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